Angelfish Community Tank – Guide 2020

Angelfish Community Tank

This is our guide to creating a perfect Angelfish community tank, Angelfish are one of the most sought-after fish in freshwater aquariums as they are an iconic type of fish! Some might even say an aquarium isn’t complete with them!

Follow this guide to create a brilliant community tank that will get together perfectly.

Angelfish should always be kept in groups of four in a tank big enough to accommodate all of them. Remember the rule one gallon of water to one inch of fish. So, remember always overestimate the size you think your fish will grow to. Use this helpful calculator to calculate the volume of your tank.

Another important fact is the different varieties that Angelfish come in, different species prefer different things. If you choose a species with long fins, ensure you don’t have any tail nippers in your tank. If you choose a species that enjoy large open areas, then ensure you have this in your tank as well.

So, now we have looked at the nitty gritty it’s time to look at what fish we can have to create the perfect Angelfish Community Tank!


You can’t go wrong with this. They are robust and hardy; I am surprised they’ve not been known to live on land by now! But remember Cardinals and Neon’s may be to small an Angelfish might look at them as a tasty snack. We don’t want that.


Don’t get clown loaches, they nip. Others like the Snake loach or the Kuhli Loach are perfect.


These are a great choice; the majority are compatible but just do a little research before hand to ensure the ones you want are.


A type of schooling fish, best kept in groups of six, ensure the species of Rasbora you purchase are bigger than the Neon Tetras as the Angelfish may also eat them.


These are great tank mates for Angelfish they are peaceful bottom dwellers who will try and keep your tank as clean as possible.

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