Automatic Feeder – Fish Mate P7000 – Review 2019

Why buy the Fish Mate P7000?

This great product is perfect for the avid pond keeper. It is so important that your fish are fed regular and well controlled portions of food, in order or reduce over-feeding and maximise growth and vitality.
This product is the perfect accessory to the larger pond keeper. It can carry 7 Litres of dry food and comes with a fantastic LCD controller that will last 6 to 9 months on a single set of batteries.

It is engineered for precision with the one of a kind feed mechanism that ensures accurate and consistent pours, unlike some of its rivals. It can easily be fastened to the side of your pond via the secure base, and it is also dishwasher proof! It makes feeding 10 times easier.

But a word to the wise ensure that a decoy bird is placed nearby to stop other birds from catching on to what is happening!

Dimensions: 21CM x 21CM x 36CM tall.

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