Betta Community Tank – Guide 2020 [Updated]

Betta Community Tank – Guide 2019

This is our guide to creating a perfect Betta community tank, Betta fish (Siamese fighting fish), are some of the most commonly sought after types of fish, but their natural aggression is something that will sometimes put people off owning one as they think they will only be allowed to own that single fish in the tank.

But fortunately, if you do the right research (what you are doing right now), you can create a great community tank for the Betta and other fish.

Just ensure you consider the following –

Do you have a large enough tank? People often think fish can be kept in small tanks, unfortunately this isn’t’ correct, you need to work out your volume of water in your tank – use this simple online calculator. Then go by the rule, one inch of fish per gallon of water, so it is important to understand how big your fish may grow to.

Ensure there are enough live plants for your Betta to take shelter in. Avoid having well known fin nippers, as Bettas have large fins and it may provoke an attack from either side.

Also, another important factor is do not keep other colourful fish with long fins, as the Betta may mistake this type of fish for another male Betta.

Do not keep the following with Betta fish:

  • Gouramis.
  • Cichlids.
  • Angel fish.
  • Guppies

The following fish make suitable fish to keep with the Betta:

  • Kuhli Loach.
  • Snails.
  • Rasbora.
  • Tetra.
  • Cloud Minnows.

Follow these rules and you cannot go wrong!

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