The Best Fish Keeping Books – 2020 Reviews

The Best Fish Keeping Books – 2019 Reviews - Quick List

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Not everyone likes to read, but if you plan on starting what can be a very expensive hobby then it’s better to know your stuff than just having a go at it, take a look at the best fish keeping books of 2019, make sure you purchase one of them and you will be set up perfectly to become a master fish keeper.

The Perfect Aquarium: The Complete Guide to Setting Up and Maintaining an Aquarium

This book is the bible to many new aquarium enthusiasts, it has everything the first timer will need to know. It has perfect easy to follow instructions and has tropical, Coldwater or marine guides. It has fantastic charts and tables that are easy to reference to help you with any questions you may need answering about your fish. It also has hundreds of profiles of fish from all over the globe, along with plants and invertebrates.

What Fish: A Buyer’s Guide to Tropical Fish

This book compliments the previous one perfectly, once you have all the knowledge you need about getting your aquarium up and running this book will help you avoid the lottery many fish keepers take part in when it comes to purchasing fish. When your spending your hard-earned money on fish that can be very expensive you need to know what to buy, this guide is perfect for this. It can help you answer the questions to “How will this fish get along with others?”, “How will it behave?” and even “What size will it grow to?”.

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Essential Tropical Fish: Species Guide

This book is like the last one but is in a slightly different format and goes into more detail on a smaller number of fishes. It also has all the tech specs of the fish on each page. This book will help you just as much as any other on the list and we hope you enjoy it.

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Encyclopaedia of Aquarium and Pond Fish

This book is a sort of map of fish. It’s great for younger enthusiasts and can really broaden your knowledge of fish. It isn’t as technical as the others but still holds fantastic value in any fish keeper’s library.

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