The Best Fish Tank Water Treatments – 2019 Reviews

The best fish tank water treatments - 2019 reviews

Sometimes, you can do everything you have read, watched and learned, yet something still isn’t right with your tank. Whether your fish are a little lethargic or are straight up dying. Sometimes you just need a little boost from a water treatment to get your tank going in the right direction. Here are our top fish tanker water treatments of 2019 and what they can do for your tank.

API Stress Coat Aquarium Water Conditioner

The API Stress Coat water conditioner comes in a few different varieties, you have your standard aquarium bundle which comes in sizes from 237ml to 3.78 litres, to the pond treatment that comes in 473ml to 3.8litres. Buying in bulk will save you money in the long run. So, what does it do? The API Stress Coat makes caring for your aquarium a lot easier, API are a well known and reputable brand that sell some great products. Naturally tap water that you use to fill your aquarium contains chloramines, ammonia and chlorine which can and will cause gill and tissue damage, breathing difficulty and death. This product interestingly contains Aloe Vera, and what’s good for us, can’t be bad for the fish! It promotes healing of damaged tissues, reduces stress and improves slime coat. API do a lot of research and have found that this product reduces the stress of fish by up to 40%, if you buy any of the products on this list, this is the one.


Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner

Again, another fantastic well-known brand in the aquatic world. Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner comes in a few different sizes, you have your standard from 250ml to 5 litres. Buying in bulk will save you money in the long run. So, what does it do? Much the same as the previous product, Tetra AquaSafe protects fish and plants against substances that can be harmful coming from your tap water. It also adds critical components required for a healthy and happy aquarium. It will get rid of nasty chemicals such as chloramine, copper, chlorine, lead and zinc. It protects your fishes’ gills and membranes. It also helps create crystal clear water. You cannot go wrong with this product, simply read the instructions and follow them. Again, if you are going to purchase one of these products, seriously consider this.


The best fish tank water treatments 2019 - Tetra AquaSafe

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King British Safe Water

King British Filter Aid+ will work along side the other treatments in this list to help promote the efficiency of your filter. A weekly addition of this will keep ammonia and nitrite at bay. It introduces a rich source of friendly microbes that will increase the quality of your water. This is a product recommended by many aquarium owners and it is worth just topping your tank up with this weekly.


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King British Disease Clear

King British Filter Disease Clear is more of a supplement for your fish than a treatment but it is worth including on this list because of how useful it is. Sometimes being a fish owner, it feels like you need to go to vet school to diagnose any fish you have with weird bumps and lumps, most of the time its nothing but sometimes you will spot something that just doesn’t sit right. To prevent anything for killing your fish if you think something is wrong, use the King British Filter Disease Clear. This is literally a medicine containing silver proteinate. It will help fight most fungal and bacterial infections. If you notice any fish with torn fins or damaged tissue, then use this regularly to fight off infection. It’s like the Germolene of the fish world.


The best fish tank water treatments 2019 - King british disease clear

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