The Best LED Fish Tank Lights – 2020 Reviews


The Best LED fish tank lights - 2019 Reviews - Quick List

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Sometimes, standard Fish tank lights get a little bit boring! But LED fish tank lights offer a great and unique alternative. LEDs run at very low voltage and are perfectly optimised for the health of your fish, plants and corals.

They also don’t give off any significant amount of heat, offering you the opportunity to properly control the temperature of your tank.

They also offer a unique and fun type of lighting that really can make the difference in the look of your tank.

Tingkam® 50CM LED Lighting

This Tingkam waterproof LED lighting is one of the better ones on Amazon, you do have to be careful purchasing any electrical on Amazon, as they sometimes can be cheaper versions of the originals. That’s why it’s so important to check the reviews and descriptions. That’s what I have done here, this lighting is reliable, budget friendly and most importantly safe. It’s the perfect addition for any beginners.

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Roleadro LED Aquarium Light 75W

This LED lighting sits above the water to your tank, hanging from above it is a mixture of blue and white lighting, which will promote the growth of aquatic plants and ensure the water looks much clearer. It is extremely quiet and doesn’t emit hardly any heat. Also, as most items on the list it is fully waterproof.

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NICREW Super Bright LED Aquarium Light

These lights come in many different sizes, perfect for any tank size. They are super bright and super-efficient. It also comes with an adjustable metal bracket. This is perfect for tanks that are larger in size. This really looks professional. Sometimes LED’s can look a little bit tacky but not this! With two lighting modes, energy efficient LEDS and low voltage. It also comes with a fantastic one-year warranty but ensure to read the T’s and C’s to ensure you are covered.

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SUNICOL LED Aquarium Light

These are suction cup lighting so can be placed anywhere in the tank, they are also IP68 rated which is the standard waterproof code in the EU. You can purchase these in a variety of sizes, they are perfectly transparent and easy to use as they come with a standard UK plug. They also have a great on/off switch built onto the line to save you having to reach behind your tank to the plug!

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NICREW Super Bright LED Aquarium White and Blue Light

These NICREW LED’s are like the others in the list but these come with blue and white LED’s, Blue LED’s have been shown to promote growth in all aquatic life. So, it may be beneficial to purchase these instead. They have all the same features as the other NICREW product, a professional look, different sizes and exceptional reliability.

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MLJ LED Aquarium Lighting

These MLJ lights are again perfectly waterproof with and rated to IP68 standard, they are as usual with any LED lights energy efficient and use suction cups to mount. They come in lots of different sizes so can be mixed and matched in your tank for different lighting effects.

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HIPARGERO LED Aquarium Light

HIPAGERO have approached the LED game with a slightly different design, these lights clip on to the top of your tank. They are ideal for the new in vogue cube tanks we are currently seeing in the market. They are also specifically designed for corals. They come with a dimmable touch control on the top and look fantastic. These are a must if you have an open top tank.

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NICREW Submersible Aquarium Light

Another mention for NICREW here, but these are submersible. They are multicolour RGB lights, so you can use these in conjunction with the main NICREW lights and place them inside your tank to create a fantastic atmospheric look. They come with a great little controller that allows you to change the colours from outside the tank, rather than having to dunk your hands in! They also come in a range of sizes!

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